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Moling is an ideal trenchless technique for straightforward pipe, cable and ducting with a diameter between 25mm and 100mm. Furthermore, moling plant and equipment is compact and ideal for sites where space is confined or restricted. With moling, operational and environmental disruption is minimal.


Moling has many applications including the renewal of lead water pipes, the installation of utility pipe work, and cable laying.

Excavations along busy highways are difficult to manage and meeting demanding reinstatement criteria can add considerably to costs. You may be operating in an area where different utilities are crowded together creating access problems. The pipeline may pass through a brownfield site, or under a building; it may be a site where the visual impact of works needs to be minimised. In all of these cases, pipe bursting is an alternative well worth considering.

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Pipe Bursting

A burst pipe spewing out water Shuttering in manhole to prevent road collapse working to repair broken pipe fenced off large burst pipe repairs works