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Typically, old lead and iron service pipes provide only about a third of the water flow that you'd get through the equivalent modern plastic pipe. (Pictured Right)

•  Why does my electric shower cut out when water is used elsewhere?

•  Why is my combination boiler so inefficient?

•  Why does my storage tank run dry leaving airlocks in my hot water system?

•  Why is it impossible to get a good spray from my hosepipe?

•  Why do I have to share my supply pipe?

We can install a new MDPE Polypipe suitable for your water service into your home with minimum disturbance to your garden or driveway. Our service includes:


•  Excavation for connection to water company stop tap/meter.

•  Trenchless installation of water pipe.

•  Connection to internal plumbing in accordance with water regulations.

•  All excavations to be reinstated to original surfaces.


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Improving Water Flow

Commonly Asked Questions

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, you could be in need of our Domestic Water Main Replacement Package.

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